Gala 5k run- help still required…….

 Message from Mike D  –
Hey folks, hope you are all fit n well.
As has been mentioned previously we at Muir JS are hosting a 5k fun run as part of the Muir Gala week on Monday 20th July……but we are needing additional Marshalls to cover the course and do jobs at start/finish area. Time would be from 6pm till about 8pm. Additionally we could do with a couple of folks to help set out the course during the afternoon…..are you free ?

Can you help us out ???
It would be greatly appreciated, look forward to hearing from you all.

One thought on “Gala 5k run- help still required…….

  1. Hi, sorry that I am unable to help on that day but as it is our busiest time of the year I have been roped in to do tour guiding and have no idea what time I would be back. I hope that you manage to get enough helpers. Jan

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