Parkrun Barcodes

You may have read recently that the annual £100,000 of Scottish government funding to support Jogscotland has been cut for 2017/2018. This was not entirely unexpected as budgets have been slashed everywhere. JogScotland HQ have been working closely with parkrun uk to develop an app to record exactly how many people take part in recreational running across Scotland and all the data collected will then strengthen our case to have the funding reinstated.

Many of the Jog Leaders now have these apps on their phones and we now need you, if you are happy to be involved, to register with parkrun ( ) just click on register at the top right hand corner of the screen. It’s free to do!

Click on the Scotland flag and this will take you to the very quick and easy to use registration form. Pick Inverness as the “home run”. You will then receive a confirmation email from parkrun and a section about Barcodes (you will have 6)

Could you please print your barcodes and bring them along to Jogscotland where will put a copy of all barcodes into a folder and so, if you forget to bring your barcode, we will still be able to record your run and this way we wont miss a single runner.

We are looking to use this app as soon as possible, so please register as soon as you can – if you have any problems just send us a wee message and we will get back to you asap.

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