We’re still here and still exercising

I hope you are all well. I, and I’m sure all the other jog leaders, are missing you!

It’s great to see many of our members sharing their activities in our Muir of Ord jogscotland members group on Facebook. If you use FB, do join us there.

If you do not use Facebook why not add a wee note or comment to this post to let us know what you’ve been up to since we started social distancing and now social isolation.

Do check in and let us know how you are!



One thought on “We’re still here and still exercising

  1. Thanks for putting this together Sheila. I had a real adventure in Clash Woods today in an area that I haven’t walked for about 20 years as it was devastated in the big storms either at the end of 1990s or early 2000s. So it’s still strewn with large fallen trees and all the wee streams are flowing strongly making some of the ground muddy and slippy and the streams difficult to cross. It was quite a work out over and under fallen trees, up and down steep banks. The dogs had a fantastic time chasing new smells. Even watched, from a distance, a ewe giving birth to twins when I temporarily got out of the dark wood and onto farmland. Then we got down to the river where the dogs had fun in the fast flowing river. Its actually getting a wee bit tricky finding walks in the woods without other people. Nobody anywhere near me today! J



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