Runner’s Bingo Challenge

This is meant to be a bit of fun to ease the boredom of running alone and to get you out there running and sharing with us!

The pointless aim of this game is to complete as many of the bingo challenges as you can and to record them in any means you like – photos, videos, dates, Strava, etc.

Please adhere to all current Scottish Government guidelines when taking part in any running activity.

Take an alpaca selfie Run up to a viewpoint or trig point Run a cancelled run event (eg Gala 5K, or other 10K or HM race) Run in the rain Get up extra early and do a crack of dawn run
Run a complete circuit of a loch/lochan Photograph and learn names of 5 different wild flowers Start a daily strength challenge (eg plank, squat, push-up) Take a castle or church selfie Get wet and muddy feet
Encourage a running buddy to push themselves Sign up for an online virtual challenge FREE PASS Take a selfie at a stone monument (and find out its background Read up on Fartlek and try it while running
Go for a run on a sandy beach.(Try a short distance barefoot) Sprint last 300m of a run Watch the Running Pastor (YouTube) and feel nature ‘scratching’ you while out running Do a run in MoO vest/shirt or club colour Pick a long hill and try to run up without walking
Pick a short hill and try to run and down 3/4/5 times Dispense good cheer to everyone you meet on a run Run in fancy dress costume Take a Highlan’ coo selfie Run in a forest

Stay safe. If you can’t currently run, replace with walk, run/walk, or cycle.

Post on our Muir of Ord Members Facebook page when you complete a line on the Bingo card, or at the end of the week.

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