Planning for a restart of jogging sessions

Your jog leaders met on Monday evening to discuss how best to offer jogging sessions in the current circumstances. 

The good news is we hope to start back with our first sessions on Wednesday 23rd September (6 months since our last session!) – afternoon and evening sessions.

Following Scottish Government/Scottish Athletics restrictions and guidelines (and acknowledging these may change at any point) we plan the following: 

  • Meeting and jogging in small groups (known in Scottish Athletics speak as Bubbles) with a maximum number of 8, to include members and jog leader.
  • Bubbles should not mix before and after the jogging sessions, so we are currently looking into seeking permission to use various parking/meeting spaces around the village. 
  • We aim to offer 4 bubbles based on planned jogging distances: Beginners/Return to jogging; 3 miles; 4-5 miles and 5-6 miles
  • Members expected to remain in same bubbles for several sessions
  • Jog leaders will keep a register of members in their bubble. This information will be kept for 21 days, then destroyed
  • Initial restart with two jog sessions each week – Wednesday afternoon (13:30 – 14:30) and Wednesday* evening (18:45 – 19:35) *Alternatively this could be Monday if more members wish this (please respond to the FB poll)

Please complete your PAR-Q registration now.

Check new posts on Facebook or here shortly asking about your preferences re which day you’d prefer and which bubble you intend to join.

But in the meantime fill in the PAR-Q form!!

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