Wednesday 10th November

Lunchtime session 12:30 – meet in the railway station car park for a choice of 2 or 3 different pace/distance groups.

Evening session 18:45 – meet at the railway station car park

There will be four groups running different paces and distances.

Jon will be leading a group running whatever distance those speedier runners run!

Sara is back from sunny climes and will take her group who usually cover about 5 miles/8km.

Elaine will be leading ‘Sheila’s group’ so you’ll get a welcome change of chat since we first ran together at the start of C25K way back in August! She may follow our usual routine of aiming for 4-ish miles/6-7km km in about 45 minutes.

Joolz’s group will be ‘Jeffing’* that is doing short run:walk intervals.The point of doing intervals is to conserve energy and stop your heart rate getting too high too early on. Basically it enables runners to complete longer runs with less stress on the body. It is great for both beginners and anyone looking to improve running distances or times.

*If you’re interested, ask Joolz and she’ll explain why it is called Jeffing.

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