Wednesday 17th November

Lunchtime session 12:30 – meet in the railway station car park for a choice of 2 or 3 different pace/distance groups.

Evening session 18:45 – meet at the railway station car park

I heard there was a big turnout at last week’s session and several people were returning to the group for the first time in ages. Welcome back to you and I hope to see you this week!

There will be four groups running different paces and distances.

Jon will be leading those runners who like to go; that is go fast and go far. They will probably cover about 10km/6 miles

Sara will lead a group running about 8km /5 miles.

Sheila will take a group aiming to run about 6.5km/4 miles. (I am currently recovering from a cold and may need to send folks out and back at places, where I go slower or take a rest break!)

Joolz’s group will be running with a mixture of short jog:walk intervals. This group will be suitable for anyone returning to running, or anyone who doesn’t feel up to any of the above options.

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