New to running? Or new to running with a group?

It’s only natural to feel nervous before going to a jogging group for the first time, and the fear of being left behind stops a lot of people from giving it a go. There’s the fear of embarrassment, and the fear of annoying faster runners. But the reality is, you won’t be holding anyone back at jogscotland.

Those new to running, or those returning to running after a break can join our intervals running group. This involves just 30 second intervals of gentle jogging with walk breaks in between.

For experienced runners, our jog leaders will chat to you and suggest which of the 3 or 4 small running groups is most suited to your needs.

Our trained jog leaders are experienced in managing groups of runners of different paces and use methods to ensure everyone copes and enjoys the run.

Nobody gets left behind, and everybody’s jog matters.

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