Inverness Half Marathon and 5K

A few photos from today’s group outing to Inverness Half Marathon and 5K race. I think our ‘unofficial official photographer’ (my husband Neil) and my son managed to get almost everyone. There is no one Group Photo due to people coming and going to do warm ups or join loo queues (muttering of it’s like herding cats may have been heard from the photographer!) but I think we got most of our runners in a group shot. Also ‘our’ photographer missed people out on the course if he doesn’t know you and/or you were not wearing MoO js group vests or shirts! (Note! Ask Sara about group tops!! )

Images from Neil and Craig use different numbering formats and I’ve not renamed them to get then in order.

With Jon, Thom, Alan, Lisa, Donal, Craig, Sara, Sheila, Glenn, John, Dave, Richie, Danielle.

It’s also worth mentioning there were at least 7 of our members volunteering at the event. (I’m reluctant to name them as I’m bound to miss one or two)

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