Monday 31st October and Wednesday 2nd November

Monday evening session 18:45 – meet in the railway station car park

Louise will lead a group running about 5 miles (8km)

Jane will take the group running a shorter distance

Wednesday evening session 18:45 – meet at the railway station car park

There will be the usual four groups running different paces and covering about 3 miles / 4 miles / 5 miles / 5+ miles.

Joolz will take the ‘Jeffing’ group, that is running with a mixture of short jog:walk intervals. This group is very suitable for anyone new to running or returning after a break.

Sheila will be leading a group running 4 miles (7km)

Sara will lead the group running about 5 miles. (8 km)

Louise will take the group who usually run the furthest distance, but says it will not be quite as speedy as the usual run with Jon.

Please check back here on the day for any changes

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