Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th November

Monday evening session 18:45 – meet in the railway station car park

Elaine will lead a group running about 5 miles (8km)

Margaret will take the group running a shorter distance

Wednesday evening session 18:45 – meet at the railway station car park

There will be the usual four groups running different paces and covering about 3 miles / 4 miles / 5 miles / 5+ miles.

Sheila will take the ‘Jeffing’ group, that is running with a mixture of short jog:walk intervals. This group is very suitable for anyone new to running or returning after a break.

Jane will be leading a group running 4 miles (7km)

Sara will lead the group running about 5 miles. (8 km)

Jon will take the group who aim to run about 6 miles (10km)

Please check back here on the day for any changes

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