Park run

I started running in summer 2012, just before the Olympic Games, when I saw a picture of a woman running (seemingly) effortlessly through the woods and I thought I wanted to do that. I’ve been fit and active all my life, enjoying hillwalking, cycling and mountain biking, but when I tried running I was surprised how hard I found it! A friend recommended I try a Couch to 5K and I found the NHS Change4Life C25K podcasts. By following this 9 week programme, and with the support of a linked internet community, I found I could make progress. I soon completed the beginners programme and was hooked on running. I also found I have a previously unknown competitive streak and enjoy entering races, everything from 10Ks to marathons.

I joined Muir of Ord jogscotland early in 2015 and found a lovely bunch of fellow runners. In May that year I attended jogleader training and am one of two leaders at the Wednesday afternoon group (1:30-2:30).

I also ran a Beginners 10-week programme in autumn 2015 using a slightly modified version of the C25K programme. I really enjoyed encouraging the beginners and was delighted to see their progress. I hope some will shortly be lining up beside me at some of the local races!