Parkrun triumph for the Couch to 5k team!

It was a chilly start this Saturday as our 2017 graduates of the Couch to 5k programme ventured out to Whin Park to brave their first Parkrun. A tremendous effort from all with everybody completing the muddy 5k course in under the hour. I think special mention has to be made to Beth who pushed on through and managed a sprint finish at the end.

Here’s the results:

Sheila W – 28:51
Susan – 31:55
John – 33:27
Sheila L – 35:29
Diana – 36:14
Valerie – 36:49
Jane – 36:54
Alison R – 36:55
Raye – 38:03
Glenn – 38:07
Alison P – 43:52
Beth – 59:03
Joan – 59:04

And Thom is in the mix at around 25 minutes but forgot his barcode so isn’t logged in the results.

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